Demo 2011

by Allweeds



grabado entre agosto y septiembre de 2011


released January 9, 2011

todos los temas son de Allweeds, el arte a cargo de Rod Bomb



all rights reserved


Allweeds Rosario, Argentina

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Track Name: FFGH + The clock
Thank you for saying this to us. but i guess you've talking about some places you've never been. if we make it right or make wrong. fuck you. we don't want to be like you. we will never be like you. well i just cant think about the scene. cuz its looks so funny your costumes and all your shits. i just can't think about you man you're fucking thirsty you just want to fit in. so go home tonight. if i were yu i would think it twice before i act. so i'm saying it loud. this whole scene just fucking sucks.

Sometimes i'ts so fucking hard. to see al the things in the way they are. an i know what to do. i should try, should try should try no matter how. it's up to me and i know i can change. this time the clock will wait for me. and i know i ain't the best. but at least i'm trying to be my fucking self. and i'm nothing like you you fucking pose your ass so hard to be like those bands. it's up to me and i know i can change. this time the clock will wait for me.
Track Name: Come out
This is the moment when i'm opening my eyes. and i kno i'm not alone. well, at least i'm not that much. we should check out seatbelts cuz is going to be a bumpy road from now and on. yeah, that's something you should know. we drove so fast 'till here that i think maybe it's time to be slowing down. time won't slip away if we always remember what it cost to be right here. if you ever think that this worl won't listen. well, that makes it two of us. we're fucking tired of playing all these games. when they're always right and we're always wrong. so this is it, this is where i stand. and i don't give a fuck who's coming with me. you should just remember what i sat " life's so fucking precious to give in". if you ever think that this world won't listen. well, that makes it two of us. if you're fucking tired of playing all these games. well, you should come out and see how things work by yourself. you should check out by yourself
Track Name: From now on
That was the night.i can remember all the things that you told me. and how we can make it all these things work out. cuz i know you used to believe on "what it meant to be" but i ain't buying that shit no more. cuz i've been walking around this city. and i'm sorry to tell you that i only found a bounch of lost souls and all these normal people. i don't know if they're breathing but they don't seem to be alive. so please, would you just hold to me? cuz i fucking hate when i'm without you around these people. they can't understand not only one thing about what i was singing about. so from now and on don't feel alone, cuz i'm gonna never want to want to walk this way alone. that's right i'm with you.
Track Name: Black or white
I just want you to tell me that you're in a better place right now instead of running all the time. we belong to different places. and so far it just seems that for you is only black or white. and one of those nights that we can't close and eye. waiting for that momment. it was a summer night and of course i can swear it though the weatherman says i'm not right. there's a lesson i have learned today so i can't complain, there's a lesson i have learned today so i can't fucking complain. not once want to see you down, but you just fucking want it. that's how you fucking want it. just twice, i have to think it. before i stop writing this.